Letter from the Poetry Editor. Clara Burghelea

Welcome to the May issue of WordCityLit Journal. This issue features a human rights theme and stands in solidarity with Ukraine and its people. The work is dedicated to the resilient people of Ukraine, speaking against the inhumanity of war, calling for peace and acknowledging the experiences of all poets and writers personally involved inContinue reading “Letter from the Poetry Editor. Clara Burghelea”

3 poems for Ukraine. by Katia Kapovich

Chronicles of this war In February the world became silent like a mouse, you open a comp to see a falling house, an old man embracing what is left, a puppy, while in the background burns a flying canopy that somehow flew through the broken window glass. So the old man takes an empty bottle,Continue reading “3 poems for Ukraine. by Katia Kapovich”

Call for mss in support of Ukraine

(artist unknown) Before Russia brutally, tragically invaded Ukraine, we at WordCity Literary Journal had been planning a human rights issue for May 2022. We are keeping to that theme, but will now dedicate those pages to solidarity with Ukraine. Our hope is for poetry and prose that speaks to, but is not limited to theContinue reading “Call for mss in support of Ukraine”