WordCity Book Reviews

Two Reviews by Tina S. Beier This novel is wonderful. It has the perfect blend of historical detail, emotional depth, and action/intrigue. The novel is set in the mid-1500s, on the island of Malta, during military aggression between the Ottoman Empire and the Knights of St John. The story features some battle scenes but mainlyContinue reading “WordCity Book Reviews”

New Books from Mbizo Chirasha, James Coburn and David Swanson

Introducing two new books by Time of the Poet Republic founder, Mbizo Chirasha, together with James Coburn, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee David Swanson and WORLDBEYONDWAR.ORG https://www.amazon.com/Second-Earth-Peace-Mbizo-Chirasha/dp/1734783737 The poets in this book are from many corners of the globe, a lot of them from places with wars. What does it feel like to be “collateral damage”?Continue reading “New Books from Mbizo Chirasha, James Coburn and David Swanson”

A Dedication To My (M)other. A poem excerpt by Mbizo Chirasha

The lines below are excerpted (by Anne Sorbie MA) from the manuscript, Poetry DNA / Midnight Monologues, and specifically from the poem, “DREAMS OF MY ANCESTOR: A dedication to my mother,” by Zimbabwean poet, Mbizo Chirashsa.   A Dedication To My (M)other As I dangled on your struggle – hardened back I carved poetry fromContinue reading “A Dedication To My (M)other. A poem excerpt by Mbizo Chirasha”