Literary Spotlight. Marthese Fenech in Conversation with Sue Burge

LITERARY SPOTLIGHT: MARTHESE FENECH – STORYTELLING HISTORY   For this issue I was lucky enough to hook up with Marthese Fenech, who writes historical fiction, a genre I devour and admire!  I love all of Mar’s answers below, she answers my questions as a true and natural storyteller and is the polar opposite of theContinue reading “Literary Spotlight. Marthese Fenech in Conversation with Sue Burge”

The Knights of Malta trilogy. by Marthese Fenech

This page is a surprise book birthday present for Marthese Fenech, whose decades-in-the-making trilogy reached its epic conclusion this month. Mar is not only a WordCity Literary Journal contributor and supporter, but a friend and an inspiration. With her brave and capable women characters, Mar’s historical fiction, and Mar herself, embody the spirit and strengthContinue reading “The Knights of Malta trilogy. by Marthese Fenech”

WordCity Book Reviews

Two Reviews by Tina S. Beier This novel is wonderful. It has the perfect blend of historical detail, emotional depth, and action/intrigue. The novel is set in the mid-1500s, on the island of Malta, during military aggression between the Ottoman Empire and the Knights of St John. The story features some battle scenes but mainlyContinue reading “WordCity Book Reviews”