On Reading Travel Documents. A Poem by Monica Manolachi

On Reading Travel Documents My full name means I am still alive. This photograph means I’ve crossed a desert and a sea to get here. This date of birth means beginnings are usually scary. This place of birth means fear is always looking for a nest. This number is someone forced to abandon their homeContinue reading “On Reading Travel Documents. A Poem by Monica Manolachi”

The Right to Privacy. A poem by Elizabeth Poliner

The Right to Privacy “We have had many controversies over these penumbral rights of ‘privacy and repose.’” Justice Douglas, Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 U.S. 479 (1965) Winter, years ago, at a Washington D.C. gala— a celebration for a friend—and who else is there but Sandra Day O’Connor, swinging with her husband on the dance floor.Continue reading “The Right to Privacy. A poem by Elizabeth Poliner”

How Do Rainbows Fall, exactly? A poem by Rhonda Melanson

How Do Rainbows Fall, exactly? (In Memory of the Afzaal Family in London, Ontario) When we contemplate the felling of rainbows how they balloon above boulevards collapse in tragic layers we fade to Kristellnacht by the traffic lights a cut scene where colorful victims bleed out thin bands of mayday from their broken window spiritsContinue reading “How Do Rainbows Fall, exactly? A poem by Rhonda Melanson”

Kali Ma. A poem by Raine Geoghegan

  Kali Ma Goddess of Transformation Kali follows me home from Ireland after an encounter on a Drama therapy course. She sits in the middle of the wooden floor with her many arms outstretched. At times she is quiet, sleeping with her three eyes open. Red bangles and jewels fall around her waist; silver bellsContinue reading “Kali Ma. A poem by Raine Geoghegan”

Spoken Word: Writing Advice with Sue Burge

  LITERARY ADVICE – JOIN THE OPEN MIC/SPOKEN WORD SCENE AND IMPROVE YOUR WORDPOWER   I’ve been reading my poems at open mic events for around seven years.  It didn’t come easily at all.  I was somewhat taken aback as in my day job I could get up and lecture over two-hundred students on theContinue reading “Spoken Word: Writing Advice with Sue Burge”

Grand Pre. A poem by Chad Norman

GRAND PRE for Jack Sears Standing beside the statue of Evangeline I get the meaning of Expulsion, without Websters or the instant ease of Google I simply placed my hand on her foot and felt the overwhelming history there. Chad Norman lives beside the high-tides of the Bay of Fundy, Truro, Nova Scotia.  He hasContinue reading “Grand Pre. A poem by Chad Norman”

The Disappeared Poet. A poem by Olga Stein

The Disappeared Poet (For all those courageous enough to stand up to tyranny, and for Mbizo Chirasha ) He is believed to have been killed by nationalist forces in the midst of the civil war in _______. She was last seen being removed from her home, accused of incitement against ________, a regime without toleranceContinue reading “The Disappeared Poet. A poem by Olga Stein”

A Review of Books. By Gordon Phinn

Books Reviewed: Glorious Birds, Heidi Greco (Anvil Press)Freedom, Sebastian Junger (Harper Collins)Letters in a Bruised Cosmos, Liz Howard (McClelland&Stewart)Postcolonial Love Poem, Natalie Diaz (Graywolf Press)Conjure, Rae Armantrout (Wesleyan University Press)Norma Jeane Baker of Troy, Anne Carson (New Directions) * I am always pleased to see small presses venture out of their established playground and Vancouver’sContinue reading “A Review of Books. By Gordon Phinn”

Richard Lambert: Literary Spotlight with Sue Burge

WORD CITY LITERARY JOURNAL – LITERARY SPOTLIGHT SEPTEMBER 2021 When I was a schoolchild I wrote short stories and always had an embryonic novel on the go but when I started writing seriously it was poetry which drew me into its web of words.  I’ve always wondered what it would be like to go backContinue reading “Richard Lambert: Literary Spotlight with Sue Burge”

The Scorpion’s Whisper. A novel excerpt by M.M. Tawfik

Novel excerpt from The Scorpion’s Whisper The Scorpion’s Whisper is a novel inspired by a desert expedition that took place in 1920 to the mysterious oasis of Kufra, deep in the Libyan Sahara. The expedition was led by an Egyptian, Hussein Bey, and an Englishwoman, Rose. In this excerpt, the foreigners’ caravan has just arrivedContinue reading “The Scorpion’s Whisper. A novel excerpt by M.M. Tawfik”