My Heart. a poem by Nightingale Jennings

My Heart Hard heart, let me in, please don’t shut me out, I have no home, no family, no love, just you. What will become of me without your pulse? How can I sleep without the embers of your warmth. It is not I you seek to punish, dear heart, I have not betrayed orContinue reading “My Heart. a poem by Nightingale Jennings”

Poets Die. Poets Out of Service. poems by Michael Lee Johnson

Poets Die (V2) Why do poets die; linger in youth addicted to death. They create culture but so crippled. They seldom harm except themselves— why not let them live? Their only crime is words they shout them out in anger cry out loud, vulgar in private places like Indiana cornfields. In fall, poets stretch armsContinue reading “Poets Die. Poets Out of Service. poems by Michael Lee Johnson”

3 essays by Nina Kossman

WRITING PLAYS AND POEMS WHICH NO ONE NEEDS I had a student who fell totally in love with me or, rather, not so much with me as with what I had my students do during those fifty minutes they spent in my class. Usually, we would read a short play, each student playing the characterContinue reading “3 essays by Nina Kossman”

WordCity Literary Journal. April 2021. Issue 8

Letter from the Editor. Darcie Friesen Hossack There is not a particle of life that does not bear poetry within it. -Gustave Flaubert Like the spring wildflowers (which are still a month away where I live), this spring edition of WordCity is bursting with colour. One of the living things now making its way intoContinue reading “WordCity Literary Journal. April 2021. Issue 8”

Month of Ramazan. A haiku quartet by Anjum Wasim Dar

RAMAZAN Night of power it holds Crescent to crescent, blessings Miraculous time. Month of Ramazan Evil curbed, evil cleansed In thought, word and deed. Fast, pray, forgive, feed Purify soul, inculcate Gratitude, make peace. Duty fulfilled Solemn thanksgiving, as one We share treats on Eid. Miracle in the Month of Ramazan Every year,  Ramazan, theContinue reading “Month of Ramazan. A haiku quartet by Anjum Wasim Dar”

Sky. A poem by Kenneth R. Jenkins

Sky Maybe Somewhere up there Skyward High Beyond the distant clouds And stars And moon Maybe Somewhere up there Where planets hang in place The Heavens above Where Earth meet sky And all in between Of what there is Sky. Return to Journal Kenneth R. Jenkins is a freelance writer, poet, podcast host/producer,minister devoted husbandContinue reading “Sky. A poem by Kenneth R. Jenkins”

The Great Fools. A poem by Sean Fredrick Ragoi

THE GREAT FOOLS Man, The great conqueror, And the great divider Dispersing power while dispersing nations Like a displaced union, at peace, but at war Time, The great construct of man A great myth that we follow like sheep And praised like a deity It scatters the masses Using sun and moon to exhibit itsContinue reading “The Great Fools. A poem by Sean Fredrick Ragoi”

Reading a poem to my father. A poem by Bhuwan Thapaliya

Reading a poem to my father One evening to ward off the inertia stemming out of current pandemic I read aloud to my father, one of my favorite poems from Yuyutsu Sharma’s The Lake Fewa and a Horse. A high blood pressure and a chronic diabetics patient, though he can read only the headlines ofContinue reading “Reading a poem to my father. A poem by Bhuwan Thapaliya”

3 Haiku by Reinhold Stipsits

Nearby the poppies Anxious to open their core Suddenly they blush 16.5. 2020 Woodpecker´s delight Beetles sing: Here comes the sun There, out in the sticks 3.9. 2020 A murder of crows On parade at the skyline Must be Mardi Gras 16.2. 2021 Return to Journal Austrian, born in Lower Austria, Reinhold Stipsits spent mostContinue reading “3 Haiku by Reinhold Stipsits”

Pandemic vs Utopia. A poem by Mansour Noorbakhsh

Pandemic vs Utopia The cracked eggshell of your certainty spills Viruses, excuse me Plato we need social distancing and disinfecting the Forms and Ideas to pass the faith over. The destiny of humankind, now, puzzled, loses the intensity of an entire summer while people must keep their distances but flowers are blooming and fruits areContinue reading “Pandemic vs Utopia. A poem by Mansour Noorbakhsh”