Lilith. a poem by Laszlo Aranyi (Frater Azmon)

Lilith The legend says that I’m a witch hunched over seven times. With killer breath, and killer bite. I torment wimps. Embryo pose: lies dormant, then sniffs and slips in sweat. Swinging a snake-headed crutch, lured by the gap-toothed sickle of the waning moon. I’ll contaminate the mercenary, the hangman, the feeble servant. He whoContinue reading “Lilith. a poem by Laszlo Aranyi (Frater Azmon)”

that forgotten place. a poem by Josephine LoRe

that forgotten place Where the grey light meets the green air The hermit’s chapel, the pilgrim’s prayer – T.S. Eliot, Landscapes III There’s a place that time’s forgotten beyond the hermit’s chapel beyond the pilgrim’s prayer Brooks burble with words of wonder and chirrups fill the air There among larkspur and bluebell a bed ofContinue reading “that forgotten place. a poem by Josephine LoRe”

The Scream. a poem by John Eliot

The Scream You know I could have chuckled into my tea Morning time six thirty-three With a promise of blue sky But rain again Against library skylight. Will it ever stop raining this summer in France? email box gave me a message. Drama queen at best, manic depressive at worst. Never hear. Don’t hold theContinue reading “The Scream. a poem by John Eliot”

Dark armies and other poems by Fabrice Poussin

Dark armies They have arrived monsters under cover of three pieces including tie and a good old book. A great star of light and life still shines far above the darkening land perhaps it waits to pounce at last. They are closing on to the innocent faces of grins and mocking smiles as they takeContinue reading “Dark armies and other poems by Fabrice Poussin”

House of Glass and other poems by Ioana Cosma

House of Glass what in the name of a rose requires a respite from awesomeness and youth is the thing that nags like a disk on replay now and then the daylight of my skin. the first creases, almost invisible. then it gets thicker and deeper like killing ivy. the other day, I saw thisContinue reading “House of Glass and other poems by Ioana Cosma”

Homecoming. a poem by Kabedoopong Piddo Ddibe’st

Homecoming And the lost crows return home: No more dead nights but dawn Of new old days brooding crows On spun arms of baobab brows Preaching spiced phrases of days bygone. And they’ve changed shapes: They have undergone plastic surgery And have become sane again For new tricks in the book of pain Yet haven’tContinue reading “Homecoming. a poem by Kabedoopong Piddo Ddibe’st”

Calendar Cubes. a poem by Joan Mazza

Calendar Cubes We sat together, two numbers facing out, changed each day on that doctor’s desk for years. Remove us from our slanted seat, note we were one of many freebies by a company who manufactures Norpramin® so doctors might write more prescriptions. We, like our siblings, remained on desks and bookshelves, listened to distraughtContinue reading “Calendar Cubes. a poem by Joan Mazza”

Inheritance and other poems by Elizabeth Cranford Garcia

Inheritance Age four maybe five she opens her mother’s jewelry box to star-fire dispersion, the strange mechanics of lobster claws, chain clasps bracelets broken-jawed, ropes of amber and jade, heavy fruit of gems, of grandmothers she never knew, bulky shanks of pewter, of silver pinked like the sky at dusk—all the ways light can beContinue reading “Inheritance and other poems by Elizabeth Cranford Garcia”

Lost Stranger and other poems by Colin Dardis

Lost Stranger Headphones and earring: a model of youth on one pushing into his fourth decade. Prides his hair, all teased spikes and shave grades, with extensive sideburns that defy his jawline. Perhaps that high-pitched giggle from down the alley is at his expense. He’ll never know, beer and ignorance. Muscle tone, I will giveContinue reading “Lost Stranger and other poems by Colin Dardis”

Eros. a poem by Olga Stein

EROS Angels and demons aren’t mere folklore and myth; Freud said they are signs of our unfulfilled yearnings. Stories of gods who are wanton or wrathful Recreate our frustrations and deep-seated longings— Discontents that puncture civilizational veneers, Shake the so-called foundations of millennial faiths, And rattle the shackles of psychic wraiths Who pattern and shapeContinue reading “Eros. a poem by Olga Stein”