Cécile Savage in Conversation with Jane SpokenWord

In this month’s podcast we introduce you to Cécile Savage, a jazz musician, composer/improviser, singer, poet, and single mother. In our interview she shares her personal experience of parenting a bi-racial child and shattering the glass ceiling of the role of women in jazz. Throughout history, women have made significant contributions to this male dominatedContinue reading “Cécile Savage in Conversation with Jane SpokenWord”

3 Poems by Masudul Hoq

Christmas Letter   Drowsy leaves of pine- Olive forest- December-snow has become the white page Across Europe –  There, I’m writing a letter.   Letter, engraved on the ice While my hands are getting frozen.   You are searching, on the way to Bethlehem Walking and walking, many decades before.   Still I have no ideaContinue reading “3 Poems by Masudul Hoq”

Three Six Five. A poem by Jordan Lide

Three Six Five A new year will bring The cleansing sensation Of new beginnings Or the bitter reminder Of old regrets Return to Journal Jordan Lide is a senior at the University of Wollongong studying Management and Theatre. She freelances as a writer and has had works published with the Tertangala, Hyde Magazine, and theContinue reading “Three Six Five. A poem by Jordan Lide”

The Tourist Visa. A poem by Sylvia Petter

The Tourist Visa   “The North Pole is melting so where do we go?” “Why, off to the Jungfrau, she’s covered in snow. I’ll call myself Rudi,” the last reindeer said, “and we’ll fly down to earth and just park our sled.” “But what about visas? They’re sticklers, I hear. We can’t say we doContinue reading “The Tourist Visa. A poem by Sylvia Petter”

The Christmas Scene. A poem by Geraldine Sinyuy

The Christmas Scene Mothers rush in and out of kitchens Each making her best to present the best meals. Fathers rush in and out with chickens Each making sure the chicken’s neck is ringed.   Children keep themselves busy with Christmas trees. Lights blink on the trees; it comes on and off. Sweets and balloonsContinue reading “The Christmas Scene. A poem by Geraldine Sinyuy”

Opal Jewelry and Beckoning Bread For Nana. A poem by Lydia Renfro

Opal Jewelry and Beckoning Bread For Nana   She was old, at least As if that won’t be us tomorrow. As if life continues on forever and doesn’t snap shut— a screen door while you’re still on the threshold.   She wasn’t in her right mind As if the times she watered tulips or mixedContinue reading “Opal Jewelry and Beckoning Bread For Nana. A poem by Lydia Renfro”

Amen. Cracked Skin Pomegranates. 2 poems by Mansour Noorbakhsh

Amen Long time ago, once the star war started.  I quit beholding the sky, Moon  and planets around it, and in silence  uttered a dreaming heaven     Rain for me and sea for you  I fled with burning feathers. Am I afraid of falling in love?  What about you?  Choose either absurdity or pain.  Live without anyContinue reading “Amen. Cracked Skin Pomegranates. 2 poems by Mansour Noorbakhsh”

3 Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Awesome Autumn Taste the auburn smell of autumn glance, Different shades of coloured leaves that dance, Flowing rhythm of striptease in a trance, The last leaf persists, awaiting its last chance. Flowers gaze at elusive beauty of leaves, Half green, half yellow carpeting on streets, Enduring grace of drying petals crease, Broken branches float inContinue reading “3 Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur”

Solstice. A poem by Frances Boyle

photo by John W. MacDonald Solstice    I hate this season of aerosol expectations, too much chocolate, stale traditions, efforts to saturate teens with nostalgic spirit when one family evening is a lifetime stolen from their real world of friends.   I cling to outgrown games to slow my daughters’ inevitable drift  —empty arms. WhatContinue reading “Solstice. A poem by Frances Boyle”

Winter Solstice. Morning Makes. Poems by Betsy Lawson

Winter Solstice   Rose-colored burnishes bright By the western wall, Majestic mauve clouds Sweep the sky. Hues wax radiantly, Glow momentarily, Coalesce, Vanish into voids. Immense stars Gather Into ancient patterns Night materializes.   Silver flings her mantle Over all creation. Horses, fields, flower Stand frozen in white time. Shifting pearly fog Enamels frigid air,Continue reading “Winter Solstice. Morning Makes. Poems by Betsy Lawson”