WordCity Literary Journal. July 2022

©®| All rights to the content of this journal remain with WordCity Literary Journal and its contributing artists. Table of Contents Letter from the Editor. Darcie Friesen Hossack Every so often, we leave our theme open to whatever may be on the minds and hearts (and also in the files) of writers and poets aroundContinue reading “WordCity Literary Journal. July 2022”

Sanctuary Quandary. fiction by Mitchell Toews

Sanctuary Quandary When I was quite young, I read somewhere that all places of worship are sanctuaries. Literally. I took it upon my bored, 1963 Saturday morning self to investigate. Empirically. I reasoned that if they were to offer sanctuary, churches would have to be open. Unlocked, so that anyone who sought sanctuary would beContinue reading “Sanctuary Quandary. fiction by Mitchell Toews”